Bjorge Gallery is a fine art gallery in Bigfork, Montana showcasing wildlife and western art, bronze sculpture, monuments and paintings by world class artists.

Located fifty miles south of Glacier National Park, on Flathead Lake, in the picturesque village of Bigfork, Montana is Bjorge Gallery, a fine art gallery featuring western art and wildlife art. Bjorge Gallery is owned and operated by sculptor, Ken Bjorge. Formerly a law professor, Ken left the legal profession to pursue a career as a self-taught sculptor. Moving to Bigfork in 1988, and inspired by the rich history, beautiful landscapes and wildlife of the area, he began shaping scenes of the west, representations of wildlife and portraits in bronze. In 1989 he opened Bjorge Gallery where he creates and shows his bronze sculptures and monuments. Adorning the gallery walls are original paintings by noted artists John Nieto, Marla Edmiston, Joe Ferrara, Margaret Graziano, Jack Koonce and Judith Syverson.


Ken is frequently commissioned to create special pieces and monuments. Portrait commissions include, Coach Jim Owens for The University of Washington and Heisman Trophy winner Earl Campbell for The University of Texas. Other clients that have commissioned work from Ken include: The Wellfield Botanic Gardens, in Elkhart Indiana, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., California State University of Los Angeles, Dayton Hudson/Target Corp., Westinghouse Corp., The Living Desert Wildlife Park of Palm Desert, CA, Trademark Acquisition & Development Co. of Fort Worth, TX, Lincoln Harris Corp., The International Order of St. Hubertus, Flathead Bank of Bigfork, MT and Majestic Valley, LLC, as well as numerous private individuals.


Each of Kenís limited edition bronzes is custom cast. Please contact us for additional information, pricing and/or inquires regarding commissions.


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